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Boots Anti-aging Products - Marketing in the News

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Tagged: / Posted: 28 April 2009

Maybe it's good that some proof has come to light that shows some 'anti-aging skin care' products actually work, but the news store just screams of pr from Boots.

The first part of the report mentions the high turn-over of sales Boots received from the last time this Professor appeared on TV in 2007. Also, strange how the university only tested ONE make of skin cream. The findings were 'independent' even though 'the trials received funding from Boots'.

The last paragraph is the best though, it even tells us that the product will have a new name, and where in the world it's available. THAT'S MARKETING, NOT NEWS!!! This was just a 'look how great Boots are' report!

BBC News report:

ClickPress PR info stating the 2007 sales rise: http://www.clickpress.com/releases/Detailed/63616005cp.shtml

Results with the new serum

Added: 12 August 2009

Results with the new serum showed that a large majority of testers had a 50% improvement in wrinkles within a four week period. The results shown on the program were only what they expected from a product they knew to be effective.
tratament caderea parului

The Beauty Industry

Added: 28 June 2009

Not news indeed. I think it's funny how the beauty companies have managed to make an entire industry out of making people feel ugly.


Further to the above...

Added: 30 April 2009

This 'report' from BBC News online even made it to the main 6pm News yesterday!

Many brands are confusing

Added: 10 June 2009

There are many many brands that I have heard of for various health issues from Provillus to Revitol, Biotin and Hoodia. There are so many I really get confused whether to try any one of them I really would like to try Provillus for my hair baldness treatment.

Wrinkle Cream Reviews

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