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Conspiracy, connivance and control

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Tagged: / Posted: 4 April 2008

I have finished the book and in a way I am relieved by the treatment of Rupert Murdoch. Being an Australian it seems fascinating how one of our own (formerly) can cause so much damage on an international scale. The book seems to focus on the chaotic but still planned nature of the assault on reason and responsibility rather than some conspiratorial view of what is happening. However, even paranoids have real enemies and despite what Mencken says in the quote close to the end of the book. There is still more than just a chance that from time to time plans and methods are put in place to conceal the truth and promote lies in a way that helps either a government, corporation or an individual. The many insights into Mr. Dacre are powerful and telling. No matter how despotic, twisted or outright deceitful people in power can be they usually manage to assemble a seemingly devoted coterie of hirelings and employees to do their bidding and put their ideas in place. No doubt there are times when the employees in the organisation where Dacre is that would prefer to cut off their arms rather than remain. Yet every payday they collect, grumble and continue on. It is the ultimate tribute to the control people can exert over others that they will continue to remain in a destructive environment and sacrifice what professional values they have just to be 'part of the action.' The kind of jornalism the book lauds is mainly hard and draining work requiring imagination, skill and tenacity. What 'churnalism' does seems to replace all that with the quick fix, the lie and manipulation of facts. Underlying all of this there may be a conspiracy where people in power will never accede to the proper means of delaing with the truth but will always look to PR or spin to make their totally misguided views look correct. Conspiracies do not have to have a start and finish date or some set cast of characters just the desire to suppress and obliterate the rights of everyone to be dealt with fairly and to be given accurate information. In that way the African person, the refugee, the leftie, the do gooder all become the enemy of the just and honourable.

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