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Data rape drugs

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Tagged: / Posted: 24 February 2010

Auntie, you know: solid, impartial, if anything a bit dusty. Yet here she is screaming at the top of her lungs, 'Date-rape drugs are on the rise, UN warns.' 'So-called date-rape drugs are on the rise, according to the United Nations drug control agency's annual report.' http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8533736.stm Under the peculiar sub-head 'sexually abusing', auntie adds 'In the UK, ketamine, an anaesthetic, has been a class-C drug since January 2006, while the solvent GBL, or gamma-butyrolactone, was one of a number of "legal highs" that became class-C drugs last year. But both substances also have legitimate uses, making it harder to keep them out of the hands of criminals.' Fine, so can we get on to the global scourge? Nope, instead we get three grafs about the celebrated cabbie found guilty of giving his customers spiked drinks -- in March 2009. The summary on the UN website makes no mention of date-rape drugs, and you have to go to p. 46 of the UN report to find any mention of sexual abuse. http://www.incb.org/pdf/annual-report/2009/en/AR_09_E_Chapter_II.pdf The section does mention ketamine in passing, and it has a paragraph on GHB, but focuses on benzodiazepines (that's Valium and Xanax) It's oddly unspecific, muttering something about how 'criminals' are doing this and that, disdaining to mention where and how. It calls on 'governments' to outlaw things they've already outlawed, only maybe more so, and can be commended only for admitting: 'The extent of the problem is therefore not known.' 'On the rise' my foot.

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