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Tagged: / Posted: 3 December 2011

I've only read Part One so far, and have one question about the content, and one about an absence of content.

On page 37 of the paperback book, there is written "... while some three million corporations were avoiding tax simply because they had no identifiable owner." This makes no sense, as a corporation is an entity totally independent of it's shareholder(s), and is subject to the tax regime of it's host country. If it's shareholders identities are not known (which is not at all unusual - many if not all UK public companies have numerous shareholdings registered in nominee accounts), it/they will simply be taxed in the default manner for corporations in those jurisdictions. Maybe the phrase in the book was badly drafted, resulting in it not conveying the desired meaning.

Several pages are taken up on the perceived danger of radiation. This isn't a major daily concern of the man or woman in the street. However, "Frankenstein foods" (slipping into Daily Mail mode there) is a major public concern, and the availability of genetically modified produce is severely restricted in the UK. To my mind the widely promoted delusion that genetically modified foods are dangerous is a far greater scandal than the radiation scare. Perhaps it's covered elsewhere in the book, or somewhere on this website, which I haven't explored at all yet.

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