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Tagged: / Posted: 17 March 2011

I hate to keep on about the clowns at CEOP, but since our leading papers swallow it every time, we should slap them with a wet fish every time they do (even if the reporter is our own employer's designated press-release digester): 'Police shut down global paedophile network in Operation Rescue' trumpets the headline. Doesn't dawn for quite a while that this massively expensive global operation, which led to 184 arrests (121 of them in the UK) and 33 convictions for such crimes against humanity as possession of pictures and a packet of expired crisps, took place several years ago. 'The site was closed down on the 25 November 2009. "We could have publicised this earlier, or later, but once the website owner was in court it was obvious that information would emerge," said a Dutch police spokesman,' evidently unwilling to help the cause. We end on a bum note: 'As part of the operation, Ceop provided intelligence to Thai police in February 2008 about British nationals suspected of committing child sexual abuse in their jurisdiction. This led to Operation Naga in November 2008, during which four suspects were arrested, according to Ceop.' There's been another flurry of such stories, and yes, these are lean times for quangos, even those described as 'vital' by Theresa May.

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