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Possibly the worst ever PR pseudo survey.....

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Tagged: / Posted: 24 April 2009

Have a look at this as an example of the depths to which desperate PRs will stoop (and perhaps to which desperate reporters also will stoop if any of them felt the need to use this as a news story):






PR pseudo survey...

Added: 28 April 2009

And one of the replies sums it up:

Great, an American company... Asda, gets voted top for George clothing... which is made in China. They were above an American Actor and an Irish footballer.
Yeah. Proud or what. Its no wonder we're in a state! Who voted the Welsh for a laugh?
4 days ago

Actually, the George brand

Added: 16 August 2009

Actually, the George brand was created long before Walmart got involved and is a 100% pure British creation and success story. And only a proportion is made in China - get your facts right otherwise you're as bad as them!


Added: 17 August 2009

This business of getting facts right isn't simple. The last poster may be right with his brief history of the George brand but if he thinks that the 'nick' that wrote the post which he's complaining about is Nick Davies, he's got that, er, wrong.....

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