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Tagged: / Posted: 18 May 2009

Page 245 of Flat Earth News notes Alastair Campbell's 'at a glance' guide to media messaging. It would be interesting to see that if it was available. In time it would be good to compare it with Christopher Meyer's guide "Hacks and Pin-striped Appeasers; Selling British Foreign Policy to the Press". Just so you know my background, I worked for Christopher and although I left the Civil Service ten years ago my fascination with the political press remains unabated.

Politics of Prohibition

Added: 21 May 2009

The Heroin question: like Keith Richards once said: "I don't have a drugs problem, I have a Police problem". One might imagine that he could afford to buy the best, most of the time, which could explain a lot and corroborate the perception of the blackmarket rather than the substance as being the problem, were any further corroboration needed.

One despairs of being governed by idiots and crooks, but to quote another rock luminary : "It's alright Ma, I ain't got nothing to look up to". Ain't that the truth, Bobby: Churchmen, Politicians, Royals, Financial Institutions, Courts, Police - and so it goes......

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