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Wanted: sociologist for sale

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Tagged: / Posted: 21 April 2009

This is how scientists end up being embroiled in dodgy PR stories. This is a little come-on from the London PR company Borkowski, currently displayed on the website of the supposedly respectable British Sociological Association and being circulated to the association's members.



Borkowski are handling the publicity launch for a new parcel delivery service to rival the Royal Mail– its operated by a 70% female courier service with the focus on ‘neighbour to neighbour’ service.  They are looking to commission a sociologist to undertake study research looking into a number of angles (covering the impact of queuing in society in terms of time spent queuing both actual time and value of time lost, the power of the community as the ‘new’ family, turning to local businesses in the recession, psychology of opening a parcel versus email etc).  They would be looking to find a sociologist to undertake study research in the next two weeks and feedback on their findings.


A fee of around £2.5k is available for the study to be undertaken.  The sociologist  would be required to undertake the study, draft a one or two page report and potentially be available on the day of sell in to answer questions from the press on the study.  Please contact Katie Blanch on 0207 4920629 or via email by Wednesday, 22 April 2009.

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