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Tagged: / Posted: 28 February 2010

Well, I happen to spend alot of time on the internet reading the media...but after reading the book I now feel that I have been wasting my time. I now find myself thinking that maybe I should buy The Guardian Weekly in the hope that it consists mainly of that 12% of authentic reporting...any suggestions as to where I can go to get some decent reporting?

the truth is out there - hope that phrase isn't copyrighted...

Added: 6 May 2010

Good comment on an excellent book. At the risk of preaching or blatantly advertising can I suggest - for a genuine alternative to the system that causes such distortion - the 'worldsocialism' site? Before you put a brick through the screen I'm not harping on and doing a political broadcast, but understanding where they're coming from will explain why profit comes first in almost everything, especially media. Now - it just needs 6 billion other people to read this too. In the meantime, yes: media, lies, greed, and the Daily Mail! I've got a badge that says 'hated by the Daily Mail' and I wear it proudly - I'm also after the t-shirt that says 'I'm the one the Daily Mail warned you about'. I'm waffling - sorry. Back to the book. Not only has Mr Davies done a superb job of making a turgid subject immensely readable and emotionally stirring, he has helped people like you and I at least understand their suspicions. I have not read the papers on a regular basis for years, and this book confirms why that is. And no, I'm not Mr Davies' cousin...

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