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Hoaxing the news in Australia

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Tagged: / Posted: 17 December 2009

Try this as a classic example of the power of PR in the world of Flat Earth News:



I love stuff like this,which

Added: 15 January 2010

I love stuff like this,which is deliberately intended to point out the holes in people's reality checking and critical thoughts!I hope many would do this so we can see and be aware of the facts and real deal about this hoaxes.Anyway, I would like to share some details or news regarding sports.Jim Leavitt fired, but not for losing records, for losing it in general – as he has allegedly struck one of his players.Leavitt probably won't need payday loans, as he was paid a lot of money, but he will need some good references if it's true he grabbed Joel Miller by the throat and struck him across the face – which is patently unacceptable.

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