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Quotes from the back cover

"This brilliant book by Nick Davies, unrelenting in its research, ruthless in its honesty, is a landmark expose by a courageous insider. All those interested in truth - outsiders and insiders - should read it."

John Pilger, award-winning journalist and author.

"A must-read for anyone worried about journalism - which, on this analysis, should be everyone."

Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye and regular panelist on Have I Got News For You.

"If you read newspapers, you MUST read this book."

John Humphreys, BBC TV and radio presenter.

"This is an exceptionally important book which should be read, re-read and inwardly digested by all reporters, editors and proprietors."

Peter Oborne, political commentator and author of The Rise of Political Lying.

"By turns riveting and rollicking, a truly shocking book that had to be written and must be read."

Mike Jempson, director of the Mediawise Trust for victims of media foul play.

"This is an excellent and explosive book. I would have been proud to have written it myself,"

Roy Greenslade, former editor of the Daily Mirror, press historian and professor of journalism at City University, London

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