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Tagged: / Posted: 25 April 2009

From the BBC, 24 April:

'Up to 325 children a year are being smuggled into or around the UK to be used for slavery, crime or prostitution, according to research.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) identified 325 potential victims of child trafficking between March 2007 and February 2008.

Researchers from Ceop said 53% of the children whose age could be determined were under 16.'

The rest of the children, we must assume, ranged in age between 35 and 72.

Tagged: / Posted: 23 April 2009

Story from the Telegraph website 16th February 2009 http://tiny.cc/f34yl - reports on the most outrageous US lawsuits and on the "Annual Stella Awards held in the US this week"...except they weren't. The Telegraph have managed to print almost verbatim an urban legend email which had been doing the rounds since 2001. Whoever cut and pasted this couldn't even be bothered to do a google search or even consult that usual journalistic standard wikipedia. The Snopes website debunks the myth here http://www.snopes.com/legal/lawsuits.asp

Tagged: / Posted: 21 April 2009

Try this as an example of serious journaiism from the BBC website (For more on the unreliable character of the BBC, see Flat Earth News, p 69)



Tagged: / Posted: 23 March 2009

A wonderful collection of bonkers Daily Mail health stories: http://dailymailoncology.tumblr.com/.



Tagged: / Posted: 14 March 2009

This post is somewhat long. However, it is necessarily so. The destruction of journalism seems to have been under way for some time. The book prompted me to write what I believe are the parallels which are in the early but not insignificant stages for the fire service. Perhaps an investigative opportunity.

Tagged: / Posted: 1 March 2009

Here's a worrying piece from Circling the Lions Den, http://circlingthelionsden.blogspot.com/, the website of an old Fleet Street hand, Nick Fielding, who now specialises in, and blogs on, Afghanistan. Fielding had some worries about a recent story carried by TIME magazine:


Tagged: / Posted: 17 February 2009

Those who've read the material about climate change and related stories in Flat Earth News will know the pattern in which science is doubly distorted as it is reported in the media: first by PR on the part of scientists and then by the 'rules of production' of the news factory. For another worrying example, try this link:





Tagged: / Posted: 11 February 2009

If you check back on all of the many hundreds of newspaper, radio and TV stories to which Hassan Butt has contributed, can anybody think of any good reason why the following short paragraph is the only item that has appeared anywhere in any UK national newspaper to reveal some rather important information?

 10 Feb 2009: The Guardian - Page 10 - (101 words)

Tagged: / Posted: 2 February 2009

Dengue Danger Distorted.


You would have had to have died and gone to heaven to miss stories in every major newspaper recently about the risks associated with rain water tanks infested with mosquitoes responsible for the spread of dengue fever.


Tagged: / Posted: 1 February 2009

The magazine sections of this weekend's Times and Sunday Times (Jan 31/Feb1 2009) give graphic evidence. There are three separate pairs of near identical articles- cupcakes, hats and interview with Joaquin Cortes. Once is coincidence, three times....?

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