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Tagged: / Posted: 8 June 2009

From the Times: 'The extent of swine flu infection in the UK is being underestimated because hospitals are failing to test patients with respiratory illnesses for the virus, according to one of the world’s leading experts on the disease.' Namely? 'Professor Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London, who advises the Government and the World Health Organisation,' and who could not by his most cynical detractors be accused of having a vested interest in prolonging the life of this moribund story. Speaking where? 'At The Times Cheltenham Science Festival.' Ferguson 'said that serious cases of swine flu were almost certainly being missed because hospital surveillance was “almost non-existent”.' He 'said that there was anecdotal evidence of “significant numbers” of cases of severe respiratory illness in London, which should be checked in case they were caused by swine flu.' http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article6450267.ec...

Swine Flu

Added: 12 July 2009

How would they "check for evidence of swine flu"? They haven't isolated the so-called virus. The clinical signs and symptoms are exactly the same as "ordinary" flu so why check at all?

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