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Tagged: / Posted: 11 May 2009

Whilst much of the information is not totally surprising (I successfully sued 4 UK National newspapers and BBC Radio for breach of copyright and libel between 1984 and 1987, The Mail on Sunday, Observer, The Sun, BBC Radio, The Guardian) nevertheless it was brilliantly written and researched and a disturbing indictment of our Orwellian age.

Tagged: / Posted: 7 May 2009

... explains why the news is so repetative and shallow these days. Unbridled commercialism/capitalism seems to hurt more than our banks and our pockets. Guess its a matter of balance like most things in life. There doesn't appear to be much limiting the commerical factors resulting in a very much dumbed down and vulnerable (to PR) press.

Hadn't realised how bad things had got. Has opened my eyes to the poor standard of reporting generally and I've been spreading the word. Also shouting at the radio and news broadcasts - 'Where are the facts?!'

Tagged: / Posted: 23 April 2009

Fresh from subbing for the Korean paper I work for, bigger than the Mail, believe me, the curious story of how the US Army is to issue iPhones to all soldiers (iPhones have sold xyz billion copies thanks to their popular touch screen, you know), well: thanks.

Great poetry, in the old-fashioned view, is what oft was thought but ne'er so well expressed, so thanks on that score, and a bigger thanks for making the muddle of grievances in my mind so wonderfully clear.

Tagged: / Posted: 21 April 2009

I'm only at page 50 and I think I may have recalled most of it to my friends already, using current news stories to highlight the appalling way events are covered in papers and on tv.

I'll let you know how I am before the end of the book. I feel I may be at Parliament screaming something at the front gates!!

Tagged: / Posted: 11 April 2009

Many of the things which Nick attributes to news gathering as being the result of a contraction of sources, such as the death of news agencies and the disappearance of regional titles, had been accepted practice long before this process of contraction happened.

Tagged: / Posted: 10 April 2009

Thank you for this excellent book. I am now very sceptical of a lot of news that is reported on tv,radio and in papers.Although I stopped reading newspapers meny years ago as I thought then that it was mainly gossip not news.Your book has confirmed this, so thank you.The most annoying thing about modern jounalism is when stories are printed about U F O's or ghosts and other psuedo science stories that they are never followed up with the truth, because as you say, that doesn't sell papers.

Tagged: / Posted: 1 April 2009

Gosh,I won't be buying the Daily Mail any more on Canary Island holidays. Seriously, though, this is an important and well-argued book with a chapter missing. One key issue which has been the subject of a huge information management exercise is 'global warming' (which has somehow got snarled up with looking after the environment, which I have no problems with). Large corporations, politicians and academics have all become caught up in a drive to emulate King Canute and push back the tide of what may be just a natural phenomenon after all.

Tagged: / Posted: 24 March 2009

Haven't read all the book yet but have been interested in the circular nature of the problem of changing perceptions and paradigm shifts for a long time. I used to work for the BBC. There used to be a mythical "board" question. (A board is a job interview at the BBC.) Should we give them (the public) what they want, or what we think they should have?

Tagged: / Posted: 18 March 2009

As a Danish former journalist I have a great time with this well written and well researched book that reads like a crime-novel. I certainly recognize many of the malpractices. Thank you for this interesting and illuminating introduction to the world of News: it is really illuminating because it refrains from oversimplifying and doesnt use the conspiratorial easy way out thus presenting an organic and logically sound description of the feeding chain of the news-industry and its 'nutritionally' low-grade standardized product.

Tagged: / Posted: 26 January 2009

Just wanted to thank you for writing this book, depressing though it is! I know quite a few media people and I will be either buying them a copy or imploring them to get hold of one.

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