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Tagged: / Posted: 2 April 2008

I am still reading the book, the contents of which disturb me, and I am only on page 45. Having signed in and read some of the "blogs", i am even more concerned. Any ideas for action.

Tagged: / Posted: 30 March 2008

I am in the process of reading the book. Perhaps my comments are a little premature.I was disappointed to see Climate Change dealt with as some sort of battle between Greenpeace and the vested interests in the 'energy' industry. It may be different in Europe but here in Australia Green politics lacks any real commitment to a central belief. It deals with what it sees as issues as they arise. The Green movement is of course opposed by exceptionally powerful forces that get their strength from a completely mislead general population.

Tagged: / Posted: 17 March 2008

Sir, I read your book twice. Thank you. It reflected most of my private thoughts on news and dis-information. It is years that I have stopped being polluted with the same formatted news published on most news bulletins, papers and so on. It seems that we could replace the term of journalist with blind copyists and there would be no difference. In 1980's, living in London, I used to read 1-2 papers per day. Now, living in continental Europe, I hardly bother to read the day’s paper and never buy one. Radio is my primary source of news.

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